How to Plan for Your Home Maternity Session

Maternity shoots can get a wrap for being a bit cheesy and hey, I get it. I am not the girliest of girls who wears long gowns on the regular. However, I DO think it is so important to document these types of moments in your life. And trust me, your little one will love looking at pictures of when they were just a baby in the womb! Also, let's be serious. You have been spending a lot more nights at home snuggled up on the couch falling asleep. Why not do your photoshoot at home or a cute Air BnB while you are on a vacation or even a staycation. You do not need to live in a home that looks like it is straight from a magazine. Your home has been decorated by YOU and it's where you spend most of your time, especially if we're talking 2020. Mama S felt a bit overwhelmed with where to do her shoot and what she should wear. Here's what I did with Mama S before her maternity shoot.

  1. I sent her some ideas in the planning stages and made sure she was comfortable with me coming into her home! It's important you are comfortable with this! This may mean you know them, have been referred, or even just see that they have done in home shoots before.
  2. I talked to her about the vibe you are going for. At home usually is synonymous with cozy, but it doesn't have to be. You can be in a nice dress and barefoot or in your PJs. Again, it's about YOUR style and vibe. Mama S went with the cozy vibe though, which I think fits pregnancy and all of 2020.
  3. She sent me photos of her living areas, kitchen, and bedroom beforehand. This helped with preparing for lighting situations and outfit coordination.
  4. Outfit choices! This can be so stressful for some people. I send over some color palettes and outfit ideas based on location. We chose neutral for Amanda and Eric to keep a classic look.
  5. Props. Discuss any props you might want to use. I love including tiny baby shoes, books, sonograms, and FOOD! I always bring cookies to my maternity shoots for the mamas.
  6. Straighten up. Your house doesn't need to be sparkling clean, but it would be a good idea to make sure there aren't piles of mail or clothes if you're going for the clean and classic look. Otherwise, if you are messy I can bury you underneath said items and have your belly poking through to capture your real self. I'm here for it all.
  7. We discussed the option of walking a block to the beach and we decided to go for it for just a few more shots!